Torii Otokodate Starter Pack

Torii Otokodate Starter Pack

Product no.: KT004

The time of samurai and aristocracy has ended and a new class arises from the ashes of old clans that have disappeared because of the war.

Many port cities have risen up against their lords, declaring their independence and that of the surrounding lands. These new regions are ruled by old families of Hymukai traders who have taken advantage of the power vacuum created by the disappearance and weakening of many lords. The samurai have always considered traders a wretched class and they have committed all sort of abuses against them. Now, in order to avoid the increasingly frequent looting and attacks they have organized into family clans called Otokodate. Some of them even have their own moral rules, different from Bushido, known as Kikotsu.

Their main aim is to grant safety and trade, expanding their power as a web which their enemies cannot escape from. The constant threats have led to the creation of their own armies, which defend the new laws passed for their personal convenience. In general, the Otokodate blame the samurai for the oppression and chaos in Hymukai, but they do not hesitate to use those who have become Ronin and adopt their same behavior. The Ronin, or lord-less samurai, are abundant in a time in which families rise and fall at the same speed as seasons change. The Otokodate have long controlled trade with faraway lands and have granted Hymukai wealth. Many have already savored the sweetness of power and now they dream of governing Hymukai; in order to achieve that, they will not hesitate in using anything at their disposal. They will not fear facing the samurai armies to carry out their plans.

The Otokodate Starter Pack contains ten high quality metal miniatures, ten square bases, and one copy of the Torii rule book.


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