Torii Kuge Starter Pack

Torii Kuge Starter Pack

Product no.: KT002

The Kuge consider themselves the head of government. Together with the emperor, whom they were related to, they made the great decisions on the fate of the Empire.

They have dominated the trade routes and the diplomatic relations with distant places for years gone by, so most of the big cities were under the Kuge families rule. The Kuge clans assure that they are direct descendants of the Emperor and, while he was alive, they went with him around the Court in the Imperial City spending most of their time with court intrigues. They were served and maintained by the taxes payed by the Buke and the Sohei from rural areas. Thus, they got rich thanks to trade and speculation at the expense of others' work.


After the Emperor's death, their excessive ambition and the arrogance due to their believing themselves superior prevented them from reaching an agreement. Step by step the trail of death and betrayal in the Imperial City forced them to trust nobody. They all went back to their respective hometowns and to the lands they ruled from a distance to isolate and protect themselves from the intrigues of the rest of their caste. They built their own palaces at those rural redoubts, where they imitated life in court, and surrounded themselves with vassals who know how to captivate them with their praises. There they lived, each of them believing themselves to be the chosen one to succeed to the golden throne.

The Kuge consider themselves to be honorable simply because divine blood flows through their veins and they are certain of their not having to prove their honor. Thus, they will not doubt to use the most dishonorable methods to reach their goals.

The Torii Kuge Starter Pack contains ten high quality metal miniatures, ten square bases, and one copy of the Torii rule book.

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