Wrath Of Dragons

Wrath Of Dragons

Product no.: CAT12030

Awaken each century, terrifying and rapacious. Lay waste to settlements and cities. Burn crops... Consume flocks... Hoard treasure...


Wrath of Dragons is a resource deconstruction board game for two to six players. Players assume the role of a dragon that, over the course of many centuries, flies into different regions of the Old World to lay waste to settlements, scorch fields, snatch livestock, take gold, and capture nobles. After six centuries have passed, the devastation, destruction, and fear that the dragons have caused is scored, and the dragon that earns the most Victory Points is the winner!



96x Cards
6x Lair Screens
6x Dragon Cards
5x Punch-out Tiles
6x Wooden Dragons
198x Wooden Playing Pieces
1x Gameboard
1x Rulebook

If you love dragons then you will love Wrath of Dragons.

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