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Product no.: DAG03001

Banished by their Forsaken brethren, warped body and soul by toxic mutagens, displaying terrifying psychic powers, the Skarrd hunger for human flesh. Living in tribes led by the psychogenic Fathers, The Skarrd are cannibalistic nomads lurking in the Northern Wastelands.

Product no.: DAG03002

Worshippers of pain and violence, the Blood Cult is arguably the most savage of the Skarrd Cults. Led by a devastatingly skilled sadist, Father Mayhem, his loyal family purge weakness from their bodies through pain both inflicted upon others as well as themselves. When the gore begins to flow, the Blood Cult is that much closer to victory!

Product no.: DAG03004

Horribly mutated and tortured souls captured by the Blood Cult, the Puppets are barely human any longer. Causing pain to the Blood Puppets is key, as it strengthens the essence of their blood, perfect for driving them toward a terrified opposition and ensuring they spill more in the name of Father Mayhem.

Product no.: DAG03005

Evolving through the art of grafting, the Cult of Metamorphosis takes the Skarrd mentality of transformation to a higher level. Led by the insidious Father Johann and his loyal servants, the cult is a collection of monsters of flesh and metal always eager to slaughter anyone getting in the way of their goals for conquest.

Product no.: DAG03007

A truly monstrous creation, refined by the scalpels and wrenches of Father Johann himself and now copied by those Grafters who have pledged themselves to Metamorphosis. The massive scythes and powerful fists deliver flurries of brutal blows as they close in to combat against their foes. Should a juicy target present itself, the Juggernaut can pull them closer with its dangerous harpoon gun.

Product no.: DAG03008

Grafter’s hold a much-revered place in Skarrd society, but they aren’t simply created overnight. It is the Thralls, using their innate understanding of technology and their psychogenic powers, who develop the Grafter’s Apprentices and help the science of grafting continue to evolve.

Product no.: DAG03009

Pushed beyond the limits through subjecting themselves to every venom, poison, and disease known to Samaria, the Toxic Cult is a literal plague upon the world. Led by the cold and uncaring Father Curwen, this sect within the Skarrd brings their attunement to foul things to the battlefield. Even those who do not fall to a blade’s stroke might eventually succumb to the slightest scratch when dealing with the Toxic Cult!

Product no.: DAG03010

Created in the aftermath of an atomic detonation, the Cult of Decay takes the power of mass destruction and mixes it with Mother Blazon’s psychogenic necromancy to create a teeming mass of undying things. Taking the Skarrd ideals of evolution to a point beyond the grave, those who serve the Decay Cult are awash in radiation, mutation, and a relentless mission to send all life to the Beyond.

Product no.: DAG03011
Product no.: DAG03012

Flesh Echoes. A combination of an irradiated, psychogenically-reactive mold, fresh corpses, and dangerous rituals, Mother Blazon and the Reapers of the Decay Cult create these horrors. These monstrosities are puppet-like beings that exist on this side of death only to serve their Mother. Typically made from corpses dragged from overrun Outcast and Forsaken settlements, a front-line of Flesh Echoes has often been able to unnerve even the staunchest defenders on the walls of the next town under attack.

Product no.: DAG03013
Product no.: DAG03014

The Skarrd Horde is far reaching and has given birth to several individuals that have proven themselves to rise above the rest. The laboratory-made assassin Saber has her deadly, flashing swords. The original, pretransformation version of Blazon shows loyal troops new ways to kill. Jon Woe, Warwind-turned-Grafter-turned- Heretic Leader, leads from the front with his faithful robotic murder-medic, ANG-1E.

Product no.: DAG03015

When dealing with the screaming, beckoning Horde of the ravenous Skarrd, having true strength in command is key. At the head of the tribes are the physically and psychically powerful Tribal Fathers, instructing the surgical augmentations of the Grafters and Sisters of Charity as well as ushering the psychogenic skills of the Bone Docs and the Fetish Bearers.

Product no.: DAG03016

When Saint Johann and his followers inhabited Salvation’s Stronghold, they worked on many different grafting experiments, but few more disturbingly successful than turning the massive indigenous worms – the zmei – into the feared Drillheads. Those grafters put in charge of the project obviously didn’t stop at adding drillings to the worms, but them went and grafted the Drillheads to their own bodies. Now these vile creatures and their masters exist like some form of religious parody, a Church of Worms.

Product no.: DAG03017

Warheads are the largest and most physically powerful of the Skarrd, surpassing even the Golabs. The Warheads are born with only one purpose – combat. They have an incredibly strong and dense musculature, enabling them to shrug off attacks, while giving them the power to tear their enemies limb from limb.

Product no.: DAG03018

Golabs use large weapons, usually heavy massive broadswords, beyond the ability of normal warriors to lift. Nearly all of them have undergone grafting, replacing their off-hand with mechanical claws. Golabs can cleave through a man with a single swipe of their broadswords, never letting their sword fall from their mechanically-strengthened fingers.

Product no.: DAG03019

Many Grafters have dedicated themselves to improving the Harpy design. C.O.R.E. circuitry has made the power flow between a Harpy’s nervous system and her wings more efficient, allowing the wings to be made longer and more beast-like. These improved wings have increased the Harpies’ range. They can catch wind currents and soar for tens of kilometers, spying on locations they never could have reached before.

Product no.: DAG03020
Product no.: DAG03021

Warblades are the Skarrd warriors that have grown beyond the pure frenzy of blood-letting and flesh-tearing orgies that the Buzzblades indulge in. Whilst these things still appeal to Warblades, they are typically able to keep their heads about them during times of conflict, helping them to choose their targets with more certainty, and avoid throwing their lives away.

Product no.: DAG03022

Forming the bulk of the Skarrd tribes (quite often literally the bulk), Buzzblades are at the center of every action taken against the rest of the population of Samaria. From a tactical sense, the Fathers may use the Buzzblades as fodder in battle, but it is their twisted and screaming faces, their dangerously swollen physiques, their wickedly sharp weapons, and their seemingly endless numbers that keep thousands of Outcast and Forsaken on the frontiers awake at night.

Product no.: DAG03023

Not all of the Skarrd are seven-foot tall berserkers or psychogenically-empowered specialists, but all of the Skarrd must contribute to the tribe. Those who did not benefit from mutations of brain or brawn instead do much of the hunting, and protecting the flanks in battle with their namesake weapon – the Bolas. Able to bring down small targets, and to secure valuable objectives, the Bolas play an important role in the tribes.

Product no.: DAG3903

"Piloted" by a fanatical follower of Johann, the Abomination is the ultimate example of grafting science. Outfitted with weapons that are little more than modified construction tools the Abomination is not only horrific to see, but also the fight.

Product no.: DAG3904

Originally the same twisted mess of metal and flesh seen in the battlefield fighting alongside the Skarrd, this Abomination has been corrupted by the followers of the Toxic Cult.

Product no.: DAG3905

The Cult of Metamorphosis first unleashed the Nightmare Juggernaut during the siege of the fortified monastery at Seb Sebastian. Horiffic as it is deadly, the Nightmare Juggernaut is a force to be reckoned with.