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Product no.: DAG00001
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There are some hunting folk on Samaria that don’t really work with the official Bounty Hunter guilds in Trent or Talen. Instead they work for those that will pay their prices, of which are rarely something as base as money. These are the Bounty Hunters from elsewhere, aliens, spacefarers, and oddities. Skars, the warped monstrosity made by alien invaders. Suzy Belle, a space pirate officer looking to settle old scores against her captain, often finding the mutant alien beast Wroth nearby, crushing their foes with his bare fists.

Product no.: DAG00005

Freed from a digital prison by the L1ghtbr1nger, the mind of Project: Aren now has an advanced bio-mechanical chassis and access to a host of interesting technology it uses to adapt to situational stimuli. This includes the pheremonal broadcaster that forces the creatures of the Brood to see Aren as one of their own, including his heavily modified “C.O.R.E.hound” monstrosities. Interested in hunting her enemies and also caught between two worlds is Irinya, a Brood-hybrid mutant that hears Helexa’s song and obeys what she asks – for a price.

Product no.: DAG05002
Scouring the badlands for anything of use to their tribes and settlements, the Wasteland Warriors form the heart of the Outcast survival machine. Their zip guns drag prey into range of their simple-yet-effective clubs and truncheons, all the better to keep all the most useful loot!
Product no.: DAG05003
Growing up in an Outcast tribe is hard, but under the harsh tutelage of the Bully, these young Scuts are well on their way. Trying to keep themselves out of danger by hurling junkyard boomerangs, they keep the enemy guessing so their allies can finish them off!
Product no.: DAG05004
Born and bred for physical labor, the Brutes are hulks of strong muscle and tenacity always ready to crush the opposition. Hefting chunks of concrete, rebar and chain to use as crushing weapons, the Brutes and their specialist, the Anchor, are the sledge hammer in the Outcast toolbox.
Product no.: DAG05005
The gladiators of the arena, Pit Fighters bring their lifestyle of deadly combat and a bloody flourish to the battlefield. When the leaders of an Outcast settlement are ready to pay their fees, these professional killers are ready to charge into the fray!
Product no.: DAG05006

Being at the head of the Outcast scavenger tribes takes guts, skill, and a tiny touch of madness. From the wasteland genius of Warlord Hoj, the brutal skill of the gladiator Oz, the gruff orders of a Brute Pusher, or the killer instincts of the Manhunter – the Outcasts have a host of veteran warriors at the top!

Product no.: DAG05007

It takes something special to live long enough in an Outcast settlement to become a notable personality. The toolboxes of the Fixers, the veteran commands of local a Warchief, the fiery brews of Happy Hour, or the legendary power of the titan Mongo – all have made leaders of these resilient survivors.

Product no.: DAG05008
Abandoning the notion of permanent residence in the Poison Steppes makes the Salt Flat Nomads always ready to take on a challenge. The Tribal Warriors’ envenomed crossbow bolts and sharpened tulwars are the common tools of the Nomads’ vengeance.
Product no.: DAG05009
The Salt Flat Nomads survive in the worst environments by making the most of their surrounding resources. Thornwinds make deadly blowgun projectiles out of the red glass of the lightning-struck deserts, huffing the lacerating flechettes into any enemy, large or small.
Product no.: DAG05010
Devoted to the murderous mission of vengeance of the Salt Flat Nomads, the Hands of War are close in fighters of great skill. Using ancient fighting forms with their sharp, short blades, they have a lethal answer for any threat to the tribe.
Product no.: DAG05011
The roaming tribes of the Salt Flat Nomads bring their livestock with them wherever they go, and as such, need the skilled Herders to keep the Samarian fauna from giving in to their savage roots – except when steered diligently toward the enemy!
Product no.: DAG05012
Salt Flat Nomads that dedicate themselves to particular skill sets within the tribe fill specific niche roles integral to the survival of the rest. Berserkers wrap themselves in spiny armor and flood their minds with combat drugs to get in close, whereas the Dishonored use heavy crossbows and special ammunition to stay at range. Oathpourers keep the tribe mindful of their cause and roles, and the Caravan Keepers lead from the front with the troops.
Product no.: DAG05013
True legends rise from within the growing Durshe tribe of the Salt Flat Nomads. Whether it is the deadly assassin, Moonless Night, or the silent powerhouse Kane, the vicious beastmistress Lynette and her two feral pets, or the swordsman-lord Bendahrin Durshe himself – they are who campfire nomad tales are all about.
Product no.: DAG05014
Taurans are the largest beasts of burden the Salt Flat Nomads keep in their caravans. The heifers are unruly, stubborn, and useful – but the mighty bulls are powerful and very protective of their herd. When goaded to defend them, nothing stands long in the path of a Dust Bull stampede!
Product no.: DAG05015
Salt Flat Nomad Herders spend their lives raising and domesticating their livestock herds, but a few species never do release their wilder, predatory selves. The pack-hunting birds of prey, the vrock, and the voracious, sand-swimming moloki desert-dragons. With these animals loosed from their leashes, everyone should beware their claws and teeth!
Product no.: DAG05016
Putting others in shackles is a despicable, hellish career path – and one that keeps the Slavers of Chains Barrow in business. At the head of these raiding parties are profiteers of the highest caliber and the lowest moral character. From the Gang Boss that leads the scum of the chain gangs, the Coffersman that maintains the bludgelt in their accounts, and the villainous Slavemaster who calls all the shots... no one is safe from their machinations.
Product no.: DAG05017
Thugs and criminals from within the slave pens, Chain Gangers are allowed to try and earn their freedom from the Slavers of Chains Barrow. Picking up whatever they can to serve as a quick weapon, the Gangers ironically work toward buying the yokes from their necks by putting new ones on their enemies. It is important to note that not all Chain Gangers are human.
Product no.: DAG05018

Having earned the right to be part of slaving raids and battles without the fear of a whip at their back or chains around their necks, the Unbound are vicious fighters whose punch daggers bring the foes of the Chains Barrow Slavers to their knees with a few painfully bloody strokes.

Product no.: DAG05019
Some slaves are just too wild, too resistant to the drugs the Slavers of Chains Barrow use to control their captives. These special monsters, often taken from the Skarrd tribes, are the Frenzied. These beasts are best used by wrapping them in deadly weapons, pumping them full of stims, and setting them free to kill everything in their path until they eventually pass out!
Product no.: DAG05020
The slavers have been in a profitable business for a long while, and it is due to the skills and schemes of a chosen few in the inner circle. The dark inventions of Bonner Spyte, Finn Deadeye’s precise sniper rifle, and the Dragyri assassin Hood join the deadly slaver-sisters Aja and Devon in the service of their adoptive father, the brutal Warden of Chains Barrow. Together they run the most sadistic business in Samaria, and they run it well.
Product no.: DAG05021

The independent Brutes of Freeton, led by the highly respected Judge Remington Books and his force of fierce Brute Marshalls, is a collection of Outcasts that pride themselves on their freedom, their tenacity, and their willingness to endure all hardships or conflicts in order to further their community’s goals.

Product no.: DAG05022

Brutes have been a big part of the Outcast frontier for centuries, and they come from various walks of life. Whether they choose to heft a slab of stone to smash their foes or collect straight pieces of rebar to hurl at them, they are brutal warriors. Even their demolitions specialists, the Wreckers, find a way to wield the unforgiving tools of their trade as a weapon.

Product no.: DAG05023

The Outcasts are a diverse and scattered people doing their damnedest to survive in the wastes by any means necessary. Whether it is through scavenging useful parts from those fallen before them, throwing their fellow wilderness folk in chains, putting down stakes in a frontier town, or even living a low tech nomadic lifestyle – they will survive. The 500 point force found in this box can be used as part of any Outcast Force, and is a great way to start the faction!