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Product no.: DAG01001
With so many options, it can be tough to know where to start. If you are interested in collecting the Forsaken, however, this box is the perfect place to begin. This box contains a 500-point force so that you can be playing “standard” games as soon as you have your models assembled.
Product no.: DAG01002
The front line of the Forsaken armies, Banes are soldiers who devote their lives to humanity’s fight. Armed with double-ended maces and wrapped in armored robes, they are unsubtle warriors.
Product no.: DAG01003
Hurling saw-toothed bladed disks from spring-loaded launchers, Forsaken Coils are deadly at short range. They are excellent support troops for the Forsaken forces as they rush forward to battle.
Product no.: DAG01004
Elite assault warriors, the Ravages are stalwart Forsaken grenadiers that sling powerful explosives to cripple their foes. What their grenades do not kill straightaway, they batter to death with their simple maces!
Product no.: DAG01005
In a flash of steel the Strikes’ claymore swords lay low the most resilient of opponents. They are fighting masters that are experts at making lethal use of openings left by their foes, cutting them down after the slightest mistake.
Product no.: DAG01006
Protecting their homes and families by taking up arms, the Forsaken Militia put together simple explosive devices to try and make up for their lack of training when called to battle. One way or another, they will do their part!
Product no.: DAG01007
Wielding nature’s most efficient destroyer in their flamethrower packs, Firestorms are fearsome members of the Forsaken war machine. They can reduce the enemy to roasted flesh and ashes with a few gouts of liquid death.
Product no.: DAG01008
The Flock choose to give over their lives to the Forsaken war efforts, following their inspirational Shepherd into battle. After a few of his rousing words before charging in, their saw-sticks carve up humanity’s foes.
Product no.: DAG01009
The forces of the Forsaken look to their leaders to help push them into battle and support them once it begins. Between their words and their weapons, these four veteran warriors help get the most out of their forces.
Product no.: DAG01010

The Forsaken are only as strong as the support system, and these four highly trained experts are as strong as they come. Whether it is based upon what is found in their holsters or their specialized toolkits, they keep their forces fighting stronger.

Product no.: DAG01011
Sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the Forsaken, Saint Mary finds her strength in her faith toward a better future, and her soldiers find their strength in her.
Product no.: DAG01012
Saint Mark and his loyal soldiers are, on the surface, perfect examples of the Forsaken way of life. Eliminating enemies by any means necessary and reaping all the glory, the Dragon Saint is adored by many and feared by more.
Product no.: DAG01013
A reminder of the technology from a lost age, Saint Isaac and his highly trained Controllers use scandalous levels of computerized warriors to decimate humanity’s foes. The Forsaken may forget a lot of the world before, but Saint Isaac’s forces remember.
Product no.: DAG01014
The most pious of Forsaken warriors elevated to the level of Saint, John and his devout warriors of the faith push ever forward into the face of the enemy. If you stand against the Forsaken, you must prepare to be smote by the hammers of Saint John.
Product no.: DAG01015
Encased in a mechanical suit that serves as his life support as well as his badge of office, Saint Luke is a living war machine. His followers know only a life of soldiering in the Bull Saint’s shadow as faceless warriors that fearlessly fight for him and his cause.
Product no.: DAG01016
The youngest and the newest of her peers, Saint Joan has given her life and her unique precognitive powers to the Forsaken way of life. Her followers are devices of destiny, fighting to prove fate is in humanity’s hands.
Product no.: DAG01017
Abandoning the leadership of the Prevailers in favour of the science of grafting, Saint Johann took his closest allies – monstrous followers of the Scorpion Saint – into the wastes to carve out their savage blasphemy.
Product no.: DAG01018

When Saint Mark rides his enormous namesake, a bio-engineered dragon of unmatched ferocity, into battle, the enemies of the Forsaken run and hide!

Product no.: DAG01019
Atop his shining, bio-mechanical griffon, the voice of Saint John is a roar of righteousness that heralds his arrival – and the impending defeat of the foes of the Forsaken!
Product no.: DAG01020
When the Forsaken need a symbol of their faith, Saint Mary rides into battle on her dazzling winged unicorn as an inspiration to her allies and a weapon against the darkness!
Product no.: DAG01021
There is little more terrifying than Saint Luke charging into battle on the back of his enormous cyber-enhanced tauran bull. A titan riding another titan, the Bull Saint tramples everything in its way crushing it to dust.
Product no.: DAG01022
The advanced Ajax powersuit is a marvel from before humanity became the Forsaken, and Saint Isaac is a fearsome technological marvel when he is inside this combination weapons platform and life-support system.
Product no.: DAG01023
Created by his former masters to serve at Saint Johann’s heel, the Scorpius is a hulking terror that thrives on snatching up and tearing apart anyone or anything the Heretic decides is a threat – or simply food for the beast!
Product no.: DAG01024
Wielding their vicious Harrower blades for no Saint, but instead for the Prevailers directly, the Red Sisters are the execution squads of the Council. One psychically-enhanced judgment by the Crimson Mother and the Sisterhood falls upon their prey like starving hounds.
Product no.: DAG01025
Under the watchful eye of the scrutinising Sight of the Prevailers, the Skylancers are rapid assault troops unlike any other. Harnessing the storm, they fly in like the wind and smite their enemies with lightning!
Product no.: DAG01026
The elite rank and file Warknights march steadily into the fight behind their stalwart shields to bring the enemy to justice. Upon their Captain’s command they drag them down and slaughter them in the name of the Prevailer Council!
Product no.: DAG01027
Simple club in hand, the power of the Repentant lay in their chemically induced psychic ability to charge into the fray and unleash a tide of pent up psychogenic torment into the world around them!
Product no.: DAG01028
The Archangels are the three most advanced weapons in the Prevailer Council’s private army. Whether it is Michael’s flaming sword, Raphael’s light of judgment, or Gabriel’s booming voice – they bring the will of the Divine to the battlefield!
Product no.: DAG01029
The Prevailer Council rules Forsaken society from the top of their Keep at the center of New Ashkelon. They send out the Saints (and their followers) on various missions designed to not only keep humanity safe, but to keep the Prevailers at the top of the heap. Grand Templar Marius and Esh stand ready to lead the Prevailers’ private army, while Lilith and the Voice support the troops in other, more secretive ways.
Product no.: DAG01030
Product no.: DAG1806