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Product no.: Teknes_OM
Product no.: WOK04001

The fusion of technology and magic has granted Teknes's mighty army an unstoppable edge. Technomancers, mutant monstrosities, and might war engines specialize in trading blow-for-blow in vicious counterattacks. Teknes embodies the concept that no man is an island, and while you may strike one down, you will not survive his comrades' retribution.

Product no.: WOK04002

Union workers represent a triumph of technology over magic. Felskar technomancers can transform a subject into a Union Worker in the space of an afternoon. As such, most Union Worker recruits were criminals, made useful to society once again. While resilient, a Union Worker is truly unleashed when wounded, and Union Bosses are adept at inflicting that little bit of motivational pain to keep the unruly Workers pointed at the enemy. As troops, they're inexpensive, numerous, and highly effective: the perfect combination for any commander.

Product no.: WOK04003

Felskar's groundbreaking industrial techniques have made Linemen repulsion armor the most advanced currently in mass-production. As such, Lineman Defenders possess solid physical and magical protection beyond any other nation's current capabilities. A rank of Lineman Defenders can blunt even the strongest enemy advance and easily sweep aside lesser troops. Under the leadership of a veteran Lineman Controller, the Defenders' already rigid discipline becomes an unbreakable force of will, able to meet strength with strength, in proper Felskar tradition.

Product no.: WOK04004

Imbued with strength, resilience, and an array of bizarre powers, the new Brood Warriors might no represent the vat-grown soldiers envisioned by the first technomancers, but they're a shockingly effective foe. Opponents often underestimate these diminutive psychotics until it's far, far too later. The disturbing nature and baffling fighting styles of these cloned and mind-linked warriors can unnerve even hardened veterans. When commanded by Brood Masterminds, chaotic groups of milling Brood become almost one unified organism, vastly boosting both defense and offense.


Product no.: WOK04005

Tough, brilliant, and cunning describe both the Felskar nation and its most accomplished leaders. A veteran of the Humanum Revolution, Gulraast the Ironward knows that more battles are won by logistics than tactics. His enemies can expect to be outgunned and out-manned at every turn. Raeth Sevisk, the living legend, inspires loyalty, courage, and devotion in any endeavor. His very presence on the battlefield can turn a rout into a stunning victory. And woe betide the enemy that mistakes Timoshkin, the Technomantic Berserker, for easy prey.

Product no.: WOK04006

Felskar maintains its long tradition of intellect over superstition, and none embody this more than the terrifying Zaalak. Once victims of a terrible sorcerous curse, steam-driven control harnesses allow these afflicted children to master the manifesting spirit. Now these apparent immortals wield their alien possessors as weapons. Similarly, the Valkrav Galvanic Order long ago took to taming, training, and enhancing the dog-like sraags, commonly found in the addanii's ancestral mountain home. The current crop of Galvanic Defenders boast superior striking power enhanced by the latest technomantic devices.

Product no.: WOK04007

Tough, brilliant, and cunning describe both the Felskar nation and its most accomplished heroes. Lineman Boris's specialized flying battle armor gives him unmatched mobility and striking power. Exposed high-value targets are easy prey for his many blades. The Mighty Taur cuts a memorable figure in any campaign as both expert strategist and unstoppable juggernaut. And few magicians can match the raw firepower of Sorik the Unfinished's custom battle armor. Sorik has forgotten more technomantic theorems that most arcanists will ever learn.

Product no.: WOK04008

Combat Augmenting Galvanic Engines (CAGEs) have brought technomantic engineering to new heights. Within the armor, a single operator becomes a platoon unto himself. In battle, power is drawn from a score of elemental batteries, which are easily replaced once the bound elemental's life force is depleted. A CAGE may win no awards for agility, but in striking power they are unmatched. A solid blow will cleave through the thickest armor known to magic or science as enemies flail ineffectively to strike at the operator within.

Product no.: WOK04009

The Glorious Revolutionary Army is the most technologically advanced force on Arikania today. Maintaining their technomantic superiority are the Warsmiths, brilliant soldiers and combat engineers that keep the mechanized tide rolling. As talented in combat as they are clever with their machines, the Warsmiths are more than capable of holding the line alongside their fellow Linemen and Union troops. A single Warsmith can use her skills to repair or improve line units, while an entire unit can, effectively, disassemble an entire enemy line.

Product no.: WOK04010

Giving powerful jet packs to the pig-men of the Union, House Teknes throws their Union Bombardiers into enemy lines as living bombs. Those that manage to survive the rough landing can immediately set to finishing the job with sword and shield. Little can stand against the crushing impacts of the apty nicknamed bacon bomb!

Product no.: WOK04011

The War Stomper is a perfect example of Addanii ingenuity and engineering. Capable of crossing a battlefield at great speed, and armed with a variety of technomantic shields and power generators, the War Stomper gives House Teknes troops an extra edge in a variety of situations. While the Addanii themselves are not physically imposing, one of these diminutive technomancers piloting a War Stomper becomes a force multiplier. When a battle line is properly supported by a War Stomper, enemies can find their weapons ineffective, their magic useless, or even themselves snared in pockets of slightly altered time. Wise commanders that keep a War Stomper in reserve can dispatch one to the hottest trouble spots on the field, just in time to turn the tide.

Product no.: WOK04012

Infusing a deeper sense of rage and bloodlust in the most depraved of House Teknes’ veteran pig-men, the Union Butchers are devoted soldiers that thirst for the pain and deaths by way of their flesh rending, bone splintering cleaver-blades.

Product no.: WOK04013

Technology and magic combine in different ways in the new unique personalities of House Teknes. Molotok the Iron Juggernaut pulverizes all enemies while he tirelessly moves forward, never losing momentum along the way while the twin swords of Yevrozov the Bloody Spear fly in on steamwork wings to suprise foes and slaughter the unsuspecting.

Product no.: WOK04014

House Teknes has created this towering terror, the HateForged Titan, to be a living, magical siege engine. Protected by raw magic filling their mutated body, nothing can withstand the might of the Titan while it burns hotter and hotter with every crushing stomp toward victory.