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Shael Han's battle doctrine revolves around adaptability. Their formless strategies baffle their enemies until it crystallizes into a sudden, lethal stroke. No other military can match these devout warriors' versatility in the face of an ever-changing battlefield. Shael Han's Dragon Legions have the strength of mountains and grace of the winds.

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In times of great need, peril, or just as a blessing for devotion and service the War Goddess transforms the most pious Achrionian warriors into powerful engines of celestial power. The resulting Children of Wrath are mighty shock troops capable of meeting far more numerous enemies head-on, and winning far more often than not. The so-called "Big Brothers and Sisters" were amongst the first Achrionians transformed in the last great conflict. As veterans of many bloody battlefields, they're adept at reigning in their "younger" siblings' zeal, or inciting them to even greater heights of valor.

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Dragon Legionnaires represent the most adaptable troops fielded by any modern nation, and rely on training, discipline, and tactical flexibility as their core doctrine. As such, the Dragons are apt to embrace new technologies, such as their technomatic steam-powered armor which grant them the strength and endurance to meet other enhanced troops in the field, as well as staunch protection against both physical and magical attacks. Dragon Keepers train their troops hard, against all manner of threats, and veteran Keepers direct their Legionnaires through quick gestures and single-syllable commands.

Product no.: WOK03005

Versatile, brilliant, and deceptive, Achrionian leaders are renowned for their formless strategies and flexibility. In their spheres, each represents the pinnacle of their late Scion Queen's mystifying battle doctrines. With no favorite stratagems or tactics, the Winterhawk's enemies find themselves scrambling to counter his every move, usually long after any counter was possible. Madam Mui leads her Iron Lotus Warriors in a whirling dance of death that mows through enemy ranks as a scythe through wheat. And the Warchild's disciplined ferocity serves as both tool and weapon, granting him unparalleled striking power and survivability.

Product no.: WOK03006

Of the many sects within the larger Order of Exalted and Resplendent Battle Magicians, only the Shields of Taelfon have widely embraced technomancy to empower their ordinarily exhausting abilities. In addition to enhanced magical striking power, Shields keep their brethren safe by extending exceptional magical protection over a wide area. From the School of Heavenly Lion come the Hammers of Heaven, each one a veteran Dragon Legionnaire now learned in the Lion Form and outfitted in the Legion's latest battle armor. A Hammer's whirling weighted chain can flay flesh, shatter shields, and crush even the strongest armor.

Product no.: WOK03007

Versatile, brilliant, and deceptive, Achrionian heroes are renowned for their formless strategies and flexibility. In their spheres, each represents the pinnacle of their late Scion Queen's mystifying battle doctrines. The Deathbloom's amazing grace and pinpoint accuracy allow her to engage odds far beyond what a single warrior might even consider. The lethal Red Willow serves as both warrior and assassin, and stalks the battlefield in search of the most dangerous prey. And Hong Yao, the Red Demon, burns enemy ranks to cinders opening holes in the front lines for his brothers to exploit.

Product no.: WOK03008

Although the vast dragons of legend are long gone, the Fulung Devourers share many of their traits, being amongst the most intelligent and versatile of their species. But, like the most spirited horses and proudest raptors, dragons require patient handling and constant diligence under a steady temperament. It is no wonder that Achrion alone boasts the only contingents of dragon cavalry. On the battlefield of searing light, cover an advance under a misty, mystical cloud, or break enemy formations outright through sheer strength and ferocity.

Product no.: WOK03009

For centuries the leaders of Shael Han have worked in concert with the many elemental forces flowing through Achrion. The Celestial Host are the ultimate manifestation of the agreements that have been struck, powerful Celestial spirits given corporeal form. From Monkey to Bear, from Snake to Elephant, there is a Celestial warrior for almost any task.

Product no.: WOK03010

Shael Han has summoned forth the embodiment of the heavenly Children into the armored forms of the Paragons of Wrath. Filled with celestial fire and armed with the understanding of an enlightened path, they protect the House selflessly with devotion, and without complaint.

Product no.: WOK03011

Stalwart and powerful, the Celestial Gatekeepers are tireless guardians of Shael Han’s holy places. They have been summoned to the battlefield to protect all of the House’s territories as a whole, sprinting forward blindingly fast to crush foes in their armor-shattering jaws.

Product no.: WOK03012

The laughing children of misdirection and malicious pranks, the Celestial Tricksters of House Shael Han use magical manipulation and illusionary influences to slay their enemies with madness and frustrating lunacy.

Product no.: WOK03013

The House of Shael Han welcomes two new personalities into the fold, each bringing a new facet to an enlightened martial state. Za'Ken the Silent Storm is the world's most skilled and mystically awakened archer, sending spiritual arrows arcing across the battlefield. This could be the perfect opening for General Hu-Ren, the Fear Unseen, and his Celestial rage that knows no bounds.

Product no.: WOK03014

The Dragon Lancers of the enlightened House of Shael Han, once inducted into their elite ranks, are given ancient armor and spears that have been steeped in the essence of the great Celestial Dragons. Clad in the spiritual essence of dragons, the Lancers are fast, tireless, and lethal.