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Product no.: Nasier_OM
Product no.: WOK01001

Discipline, duty, and honor are the watchwords for Nasier's elite armies. Powerful talismanic war masks give Nasier's Ashman Legions the strength and discipline to meet even the most determined foes head-on. The mightiest masks even transform their wearers into living war machines, capable of smashing or incinerating entire ranks with fire from the sky.

Product no.: WOK01002

The mainstay of Kartoresh's Legions, the Ashman excel at rapid strikes and quick escapes. With physical might greatly enhanced by their magical war masks, the Ashmen cleave through armour, flesh, and bone with equal efficiency. Under the leadership of veteran Hakar, an Ashman line becomes a co-ordinated meatgrinder, and a model of military efficiency. Even thier most hated enemies are right to respect and fear the Ashmen.

Product no.: WOK01003

The Pelegarth Bloodmasks represent the unwavering wall against which enemy waves break time and again. With physical might and resilience greatly enhanced by their war masks, the Bloodmasks' skin is as stone, and they feel virtually no pain. Even the heaviest blows and most debilitating wounds can be laughed off or simply ignored. Bloodmasks even eschew normal armour as cumbersome and unwielding, prefering instead the let their near nakedness and seeming invulnerability shock their enemies into costly mistakes.

Product no.: WOK01004

Fel Hammer war masks imbue their wearers with immense physical size and strength, moreso than any other mask type. To take full advantage of this amazing power, Fell Hammers wield specially forged and weighted weapons. Only the thickest and most advanced armour can withstand a single hit from these ungodly warriors, and even fewer can withstand a second strike. Wise commanders position Fel Hammer lines to maximize their striking potential, and the Fel Hammers never disappoint.

Product no.: WOK01005

Kartoresh's greatest leaders represent the height of duty and honour in Scion King Nasier's formidable legions. In the midst of Pelegarth lines, Elsis Tagil is the eye of a bloody storm, and drives her sisters to even greater feats of endurance. Alyana Heska's immense strength and skill are known across Arikania, and her tactical genius lets her mold an evolving front to her greatest advantage. And the haunted Arkin Thesh is literally a man possessed, a figure of inspiration and terror in any campaign.

Product no.: WOK01006

Longhorns are one-man war machines, with the speed, stamina, and striking power to turn an enemy flank, beat down the strongest opponents, and even heal themselves with a moment of concentration. Rathor Battle Shamans wield both magical and physical might, and are equally at home on the front line as well as the second or third ranks. They're highly efficient single-target strikers, able to attack weaknesses to either magic or physical strikes with equal proficiency.

Product no.: WOK01007

Kartoresh's greatest heroes represent the height of duty and honor in Scion King Nasier's formidable legions. The Blind Hakar's fury smolders day after day in anticipation of bloddy battles where she can finally unleash her pent-up rage. Shadrus Arikim brings unmatched martial prowess and fiery ruin to any enemy that dares stand against him. And the Bloodchild's great speed serves him as a deadly rapid-responder, able to counter strength with strength just where he's needed most.

Product no.: WOK01008

Greathorns excel wherever stealth is not a priority, especially in strategies revolving around area denial: charred corpses, burning terrain, and smoldering footprints mark an enraged Greathorn's passing. In battle the Greathorn's human host is sometimes sorely tested to reign in its captive elemental's powerful instincts to burn, smash, and kill. however, they are not mere berserkers and can distinguish friend from foe even at the height of fury. Wise commanders simply point Greathorns at their enemies and let them loose.

Product no.: WOK01009

The Pelegarth Brutes are a mighty addition to House Nasier's Legions. An alteration to the traditional female Bloodmask allows it to bond with males, though the changes it brings are quite different. Physical strength is enhanced to nearly double those of the female Bloodmasks, but unlike the females, Brutes possess only ordinary human toughness.

Yet, their herculean strength makes the Brutes a vital asset to any commander wise enough to use them properly. When backed up by a solid Bloodmask or Ashman line, the Brutes' colossal might cleaves through armor, flesh, and bone with equal ease.

Product no.: WOK01010

Only the most elite of Ashmen graduate into the mighty Firehawk Reaver squads. Dedicated assault specialists, Firehawks turn in their duelist’s blades for deadly war tridents to become the spearhead of House Nasier offensives.

Product no.: WOK01011

In the quest to improve the Arkazan line of war masks, the Arkazan Temple has produced their first attempt at a winged (if still earthbound) warrior. The result is the Arkazan Greatwing. While the wings may have insufficient strength to lift the hulking beast from the ground, they're more than capable of giving it a significant edge in battle. Attempts to flank or attack a Greatwing from behind are doomed to failure. In addition, the Greatwing's physical attacks are so rapid and so powerful that even the toughest enemies find their armor useless. Greatwings excel at smashing through a battle line and targeting the toughest opponents the enemy has to offer

Product no.: WOK01012

It would seem that dogs would be quite out of place amongst the technomantic and steam-fueled horrors commonplace on the battlefields of Arikania, but through long research and dedicated training, the armies of House Nasier do just that. Some or the war masks of the Nasier allow for limited yet powerful telepathic communication, and it is through these masks that the masters are able to bond with the hounds and help them through the binding with their elemental masks, creating a wonderful blaend of intelligence, stability, superior senses, and predatory ability.

Product no.: WOK01013

New leadership in House Nasier’s battlefields come in two opposing styles. Flying in from above is the nightmare monster Kor Kallum, Greatwing Prototype, who razes the enemy with sword and flame. Skulking in the darkness is the precision killer Vallenya Rhabar, The Shadow’s Step, whose magic claw and sword bring fast death to her enemies.

Product no.: WOK01014

The Sarvoth Shadow-Veil masks, made by the Sarvoth temple in Qel Sallum, are relatively new and quite rare. Despite this rarity, they have been hailed for the incredibly high success rate for bonding with applicants. The masks not only strengthen the warriors and improve their stamina, but they also confer the ability to cast minor illusions, such as distractions that allow the Shadow-Veils to step away from engagements and strike for other angles.